Monday, August 23, 2010


hoooffff...been quite sometimes since my last update..
the most i do with my laptop recently are merely on replying emails.. quotation.. searching for some images for reference.
busy but happy....

an order made by my first male customer, zodiac sign, bees that resemble his girlfriend id as LEOLEOBEE

hand written message on big hearts , with extra dough i have, i decided to
make the red heart with his name for free. if you are my regular customer,
you know i always give extra cookies :-)

the girl friend favorite cartoon character, my fist attempt in drawing tweey
and piglet.  

those on heart shapes are drawn according to images provided by Jared, the one on round shape is
what i proposed.

the same thing goes to piglet

the bikinis are drawn as per the images provided by the customer too.
i m a little bit disappointed about the outcome of this coach bag, i guess i really need more practice

all packed and getting ready to be delivered by tomorrow

on 19th August, 2nd order by Nabila from UPM, she was the one who ordered the little sheeps

30 pcs of 1" colorful hearts

flowers and butterflies seems to be my best selling sugar cookies up to today date.

3" seashells

at last, i came out with another option for those who like to order 1" cookies.
you can have these pack in a box without paying extra for individual packing
we only charges RM2 extra for each box.

this order is made by Gradice to her dearest husband on 16th August 2010

On the same date, this was made and sent out to Singapore 

the largest star i ever made, approx. 6 inches, but i would suggest not to order this if you want it to be delivered
by courier. one of the wing broken during the delivery. i felt sad when i got the feed back.

On 11th August, an order made by Sugar Babie From Sarawak to her Love one in K.L

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