Wednesday, December 1, 2010

think positively

life has never been a bed of roses to me.
but i guess no big deal as long as we take thing positively and everything can be resolved.
first, it was my tooth ache, i bet anyone knows how suffering it can be. it somehow affect my productivity and creativity. 
when i decided to extract the tooth instead of getting any other alternate treatment. i thought it was the quicker way. well.. and is not, i m still recovering from the infection after the extraction.  
think positively, is ok, i can still work. i still managed to deliver whats been scheduled.

then i nearly cried when my little princess added extra eyelashes and eye brow to the mickey and minnie cookies. and there wasnt enough time allow me to redo it.
think positively, glad at least she used the gourmet pen but not my art line pen. and i have a understanding customer (Alicia Lim) who still accept it .

next was my poor dearly mixer... she's been over loaded with work and is now in Kenwood workshop.. sop sop, my poor mixer. guess is time to get her a new mate to share her work load. 
think positively, no big deal. i still have mom's hand mixer. is just bit slower as long as i dont have to whisk or mix manually.

then, rescheduling my time table due to some non responsive confirmation of order. 
think positively, nevermind, i have nothing to lose. i would rather to get less job rather than wasting my efforts.

And today, i think i must have forgotten that Alicia want her cookies cake to be delivered a day earlier before her brother's birthday. i started making her order only at 7:00pm and to get it ready by 11:00pm. i was 30mins late when they arrived at my condo.
think positively, as least i can still make it up without compromising on the quality.

so? whats the big deal ?
thats my sharing for the day. 

cheers ! 


  1. cool cookies. i love it ! :) how much is it?

  2. hi veren, email me at for further enquiry. thanks


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