Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Miss you dearly Mama... how i wish you are still here with us....
A home without your presence can never be the same. without a shoulder for me to lean on whenever i am lost. i promise i will be strong... dont worry much like you always do.

i sometimes wonder, how nice if any of this chatting apps can reach you at this moment
Happy Mother's Day, wherever you are, you are always be missed...Love you

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shows Mom that you care even you are away

Nothing to stop you from sending your love to your mom even if you are away from home. Happily announcing we are on Giftr now. Grasp this cookies bouquet and delivered to your mom on Mother's day !! Whats the deal ?15% off and free delivery for this mother's bouquet and 15% off for all products listed till 19th May 2017.
a piece of mom sitting on couch with pressie, 6 nos of pipped carnation, 6 nos of daisy like flower, 3 heart shape cookies with 'Happy Mother's Day' 
closer look of the bouquet (before individually wrap)

it comes with a PVC carry bag

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the understanding before placing your order

the understanding before placing your order
i would like to express a sincere gratitude to our existing customers and warmest welcome to our new / potential customers
Some of you may have aware of the simple procedure for placing an order, but yet, throughout our experience (good and bad) these years, i believed that is my responsibilities to make it clearer to ease some hassle that you may go through.

here's are some Q&A we encounter as listed below: - 

Q1. are these cookies halal ?
Answer: started from day 1 of our business, we stated clearly that we are not a halal certified baker. what we can ensure you that, all ingredients used are lard free and so does our utensils. we used Anchor butter, sugar, superfine flour, icing sugar and eggs that you can get it from any of our baking / grocery supplies. 

Q2. are they sweet?
Answer: yes. they are. just in case you are uncertain about what is a sugar cookies, be aware that the decorated topping are made of royal icing. there's no such thing as non sweet sugar cookies, as far as i m concern, no one ever invented  a less sweet sugar recipe up to today date. Most of our customers are quite happy with our very own recipe which content very less sugar in our cookies base which helps neutralize the sweetness of each cookies.

Q3. will there be any discount if we order in bulk?
Answer: everybody love discount, so do we. but, bear in mind that, custom made sugar cookies are all hand made. when the quantity increase, our time spend and manpower increase too. Hence, there no major drop of cost when you purchase in bulk. Still, we are giving out 5% - 10% as an appreciation to our regular / return customer when they place an order with total of RM500 or RM1000 and above in a single order. 

Q4. how long can a sugar cookies last and what is the best storage method ?
Answer: Our cookies last approx. a month with 'good to consume' condition. some customer told me that they even kept for 3 months and is still consumable. i wouldn't suggested that as i do not want to hold any responsible if that causing our customer a stomachache or such. just make sure that all cookies remain wrapped and store in an airtight container to avoid ants and cookies turn soft. do not refrigerate as the moist will smear the royal icing images.

Q5. Delivery ?
Answer: Delivery service is available upon request. we engage runner services like neon runner or gogetters to do the task. Therefore, charges may be vary depends on the location. (fees from RM25 - RM58) for klang valley.

Our normal delivery time is from 11AM - 9PM, subject to runner schedule) If you required the cookies to be deliver at a specific time, please inform us while placing your order.  we shall try our best to comply otherwise we would rather reject your order instead of having unsatisfied customer due to that.
Last minutes changes of time is not allowed once the confirmation is made. we tried to be flexible and tried our best to meet customer requirement as much as possible, But we had bad experience before and we do not want to risk our self to any further argument on that. these are some example through our past experience. 

example 1: 
customer call us last minute and ask : can you send the cookies now, my boy friend is going out for meeting in 30minutes and i dont want my surprise to reach him after lunch. 

example 2: 
i want my order to reach Singapore by 5pm because i have my own plan in the evening.

No offend to anyone, but i need to make things clear instead of causing any inconveniences to anyone including ourselves. we can personalized your cookies order but not the service.

Q6. How to place an order ?

Answer: Let us know what are the design you are interested, the date of  your event / date of delivery / date of pick up , quantity , color preference (if you have), and email us at, we shall reply you with a quotation upon received of your email. Or, if you choose to message us at our facebook page, kindly provide us with the details plus your email address, we shall response according.
do not leave a comment at our photo / album page asking for price or ask for private msg. we will not reply to that.

Q7. what is the flavor of cookies ?

Answer: Our standard flavor is butter vanilla cookies with orange / vanilla flavor icing.
               Our premium flavor : chocolate cookies with orange / vanilla icing (only applicable for qty                                                     50pcs and above)

                                                  Nestum cookies with vanilla icing (only applicable for qty                                                                     50pcs and above)

                                                  Conflakes cookies with vanilla icing (only applicable for qty                                                                   50pcs and above)

Q8. what is the Minimum Qty required?
Answer: the minimum order for 3" cookies is 2 dozen. 
4 dozen for 2 1/2 " cookies and 5 dozen for 2" cookies 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

while i m cracking my head on the design for this coming Chinese New Year.. only i realized is the year of Monkey again.. sigh, how time little 'monkey' is turning 12 this year.  from a little darling who used to weep over the absence of her daddy.. she's now a brave, talented and outspoken child that i bet the daddy will be so proud to watch her from above.
 i can still remember clearly how helpless i was when she hold the dad's photo and wept silently in one corner..... those were the days.. we walked through the darkness in our life and we survived. thanks to our heavenly father, my dearest parents, family members and all our dearest friends. Anyone who suffer from the lost of your love one, here's my advice to you, time heals all the pains。

For those who's expecting my Chinese New Year Collection, my apologize for such a delay. Here you go :-) i will keep you all update on the packaging soon.
we have monkey wishing you a Happy New Year, Angbao (red packet) with stack of crackers and chinese knot for the year.

wishing you all have a prosperous year ahead
We are offering 3 different packages this year. stay tune !

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year resolution

Well, is new year eve... and my kids asked me, mom, whats your resolution list ? ahaaa... me? i dont have a list. and i have no plan to make one too. i can only tell you that, i will do what i can and make sure i archive the best.
i have seen people making a long list but yet, very least of them are fulfilled . so , whats the point? at the end of the day, you will get upset for not achieving them. the plan or list should be always keep in your mind.. not only making a list at the beginning of the year, but always keep ourselves reminded, most of all, be positive ,be happy and love what you are doing.

i do have a big plan for 2016, in fact, this have been planning and prepared for at least 2 years. My sister in law, Joanne said i m behind time. i knew it, because i will only do it when i m ready. pray hard and cross my finger i can proudly make this announcement soon. 
ok... back to the reality, when i look back, 2015 has been nice to me. no doubt is a little bit sad to sell my 'spooky' apartment in Desa Putra. 
i still dont get a solution for most of the missing cookies pictures here, but is never too late to share and review some of my work i have done for this year. 

Hand painted background
inspiration from the traditional Malays house after spending our mid terms holiday sometimes in July, at a place called Bon Ton in langkawi. 

for the year of sheep

Hand painted and airbrushed cookies for African night party

little bow with stripes and checkers patterns

Credit card cookies for HSBC bank

Christmas cookies for big fan of Cookies monster

Standing Peppar Pig as kid's party door gift

Miracle Gel nail polish for Sally Hansen

Few Characters from Starwars

for little Elsa who's celebrating her 1st birthday

Our Halloween collection
Highlight: Mummy with gingerbread man cookies cutter

selected horoscopes cookies for HSBC 's staffs

Oriental Wedding theme as Wedding Gift
Chinese carriage, chinese bride and groom, chinese paper cutting design on round shape cookies

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