Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year resolution

Well, is new year eve... and my kids asked me, mom, whats your resolution list ? ahaaa... me? i dont have a list. and i have no plan to make one too. i can only tell you that, i will do what i can and make sure i archive the best.
i have seen people making a long list but yet, very least of them are fulfilled . so , whats the point? at the end of the day, you will get upset for not achieving them. the plan or list should be always keep in your mind.. not only making a list at the beginning of the year, but always keep ourselves reminded, most of all, be positive ,be happy and love what you are doing.

i do have a big plan for 2016, in fact, this have been planning and prepared for at least 2 years. My sister in law, Joanne said i m behind time. i knew it, because i will only do it when i m ready. pray hard and cross my finger i can proudly make this announcement soon. 
ok... back to the reality, when i look back, 2015 has been nice to me. no doubt is a little bit sad to sell my 'spooky' apartment in Desa Putra. 
i still dont get a solution for most of the missing cookies pictures here, but is never too late to share and review some of my work i have done for this year. 

Hand painted background
inspiration from the traditional Malays house after spending our mid terms holiday sometimes in July, at a place called Bon Ton in langkawi. 

for the year of sheep

Hand painted and airbrushed cookies for African night party

little bow with stripes and checkers patterns

Credit card cookies for HSBC bank

Christmas cookies for big fan of Cookies monster

Standing Peppar Pig as kid's party door gift

Miracle Gel nail polish for Sally Hansen

Few Characters from Starwars

for little Elsa who's celebrating her 1st birthday

Our Halloween collection
Highlight: Mummy with gingerbread man cookies cutter

selected horoscopes cookies for HSBC 's staffs

Oriental Wedding theme as Wedding Gift
Chinese carriage, chinese bride and groom, chinese paper cutting design on round shape cookies

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