Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

is Christmas day again...
this is the festival i love most since my childhood days. long before i accepted Christ.
and i was told a true Christian does not celebrate Christmas because Jesus was not born on 25th Dec.
it doesnt stop me from celebrating it , i love the joyful feeling and moods it brings to everyone especially for my 2 precious kids. so is merely a celebration for happiness and joy.
Christmas brought lot of memories too..
this is the 3rd Christmas without Sam, time flies, and the memory he brought to us stays.Again, thank god for his blessing to us.
here's some baking project to share
thanks for all the supports from friends and customers for this joyful festivals for this cheerful business of mine.
and my apologize to those i have to turn down some orders due to the very tight schedule of the month.

Merry Christmas 


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