Friday, September 24, 2010

Raya Mood is still on....

This is an order made by my lovely ex colleague Azrin , as a treat to her office buddies.
she specifically mentioned about green and ketupat Raya theme, so i came out with different tone of green and ketupat to make it more interesting.
20 pcs of 3inch Raya theme cookies

Green tone

yellow ribbon to match

ready to deliver


  1. Hi. I am Daisy. My First Question. I like to hv this raya theme cookies, without individual plastic and yellow ribbon.

    How much it cost?

    Second Question
    Do U hv it in 10pcs in one box too? again without individul plastic and yellow ribben

    How much it cost?

    IF U giving me reasonable price, I would like to order more than 20 box frm U.


  2. hi Daisy, nice to hear from u here. can you provide me with your email address so that i can send u a quote accordingly?

  3. can you email to me the quotation to ASAP
    im looking for this cookies for my company raya open house
    email me all the details that can help me to present for my manager :) tnks


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