Monday, November 24, 2014

I stole Santa Sleigh this year

i notice that are something wrong going on with my blog lately. but i just couldnt find time to make it right for the time being. Anyway, just a quick update on packages we are offering this year.  cant wait to show you the cute wooden sleigh i bought from China. it was meant for wine display rack actually, but i m so in love with them and i want to make it something relates to my cookies. Here u see, i use it for my cookies bouquet ! 

Big Sleigh - RM298 (40pcs of cookies)

Small Sleigh - RM298 (20pcs of cookies)

Other than the Santa Sleigh bouquet, i still have 8 boxes of this left for order. (2nd batch collection from 20th December )
the box on the right (christmas tree) RM139
24pcs of cookies , 2pcs of each design list below : - 
gift box
Santa Claus face
Christmas tree
Christmas flower
Christmas tree ornament
Christmas stocking
plaque shape with greeting message

and something different other than those normal Christmas theme
12 days of Christmas
RM100 / box

to place an order, please send me an email to

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