Friday, August 27, 2010

cookies messenger

when i look at most of the orders recently.. i realized that, my cookies play a role of a messenger, delivering all the loving , caring messages to their love one.
other than a lit of 'impurity' about the damage made during the delivery by pos laju.  The rest of the feed back are great and encouraging. thats the inspiration that keep me moving day by day.
some lovely comments in Flickr by those who share the same interest in decorative cookies is an encouragement to me too. thats make me feel worth for every single effort i put in all the hard-works.

Birthdays ..........
Fun gift pack for Rina's friend

cookies cake
From Yatie to her friend - Ara

bear in Baju Kebaya

From Ziela to her love one
on ziela 3rd Annivesary

Order made by DaisyGurl to her love one

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