Sunday, October 10, 2010

big fan of Patty's Cookies

This cute girl from UPM show her full supports ever since i start this cookies business, she was the one who order the sheep cookies, the little tiny heart and little house. and now i m wondering how is she going to eat this 3d cookies house..

3rd order make by Nabila
heart shape cookies, hello kitty, and a japanese tea house

i just love the color, those hearts i made for her second order were all in pastel color.
i bet u will agree with me that, bright colors are more attractive & gorgeous from some point.

these was made using my new kitty cutter, a precious gift from Gladys

does it look like a japanese tea house to you?

i guess i need to practice more on the roof making, unlike the first dog house i made,
i spent hours to get the roof right. 

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