Thursday, June 2, 2011

Angry Bird

before making this order for Penny's Son, pardon me, i dont even know what Angry Bird is..
and because of this 'Project', with a little research browsing through the net, the help from my 2 'consultants'..of course, given them an excuse to download this game to my, so , here's the outcome


  1. oh wow! that's nice. I have always envy people who have patience with fancy sugar cookies! I don't.

    and also nice to know that there is someone who can make this nice fancy sugar cookies in here, near my area! always I envy the work from US, but haven't found one that's nice in KL. great job Patty!

  2. thanks for the lovely comments , is very encouraging to me. there's always room for improving. cheers !

  3. this is nice! how much for this and how many pcs? my girl's birthday is next week. plan to have something special for her

  4. hi Khiew, can you email me at, i will send u the price. thanks

  5. The 6th photo of this album how much?my email


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