Sunday, November 22, 2015

My favorite Festival of the year

Did i mention that Christmas is my all time favorite festival? Perhaps i did..i m not sure if you know someone like me who's so obsess about Christmas .na.. not because i m Christian, for your info, most of the churches i went do not celebrate Christmas. ok, back to my obsession about Christmas, one of the craziest thing i do is...,i put up my Christmas tree in the house start from November, and i will let it stay after Chinese New Year. No kidding,you dont see me decorate my house in Chinese New Year theme. no doubt it does brings lot of business to me ever since i started to do this sugar cookies thingy.And, too bad, i still don't like Chinese New Year.

alright.. let see what i got for this Christmas....
spotted something new for this set of 2015 collection?
how u find our wooden texture piece with wealth on it? i gave feet to the snowman, so he can dance this christmas :-)
Here's the closed up

and u see the little fellow who come all the way from south pole?

 perhaps a little house that covered by snow add some winter feels in malaysia.

and you may get this all in our santa pocket package shown below. total 18pcs of them

Santa's Pocket RM135
you may unfold the bag and turn it into a picnic map, isnt it cool?

If.... 18pcs is kinda too little for you, you may also consider this set below,
a red Snowing town Gift box with matching paper bag.
total of 24pcs with the above designs (refer to our first picture in this post)
snowing street package
RM198. Total of 24pcs (10 boxes available to grasp)

Our light and easy Design..........................................

from what we gather through our past experience, some customers will always ask for smaller size cookies, these cookies may be given out as door gift during the party, or may be some snacks for children to grasp from the dessert table, or any reason that you do not want the cookies to gone waste just because your little guest wont be able to finish the whole piece of cookies. Here i come out with a simple design as an alternative.
these cookies are made using our smaller size cookies cutter, if you wish to make your own Christmas cookies,
you may also purchase them from our shop in rakuten malaysia
Little Merry Handy Gift Set
RM50 / 8pcs

RM200 / 28pcs

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