Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cookies Platter

All the Cookies platter i made this year (2013)

Our cookies platter has become one of the characteristic items among all our baking goodies.
I thank God for this gifted creativity and skills that making our platter unique and precious. Not only positive feeds back , but also the process of producing them.
i thank all of my customers that having trust and free hand for me to make things happen.

Here i would like to share some latest platter i made since Jan, 2013.
i would also like to high light some important message to those who may be interested in ordering platter for your occasion.

1.    what is a cookies platter ?( i named it cookies cake when i first started making this)
·         numbers of cookies in different shape and design that arrange onto a cake board to serve as a cake for those who prefer to have cookies instead of cake for their celebration. Or perhaps, something more presentable as a gift.

2.    What is the min. order and size for a cookies platter?

·         There are 3 sizes available for cookies platter, 12”, 14” and 16”
·         Price starts from RM120 (Minimum)

3.    What are the design available?
·         Basically, any design… u name it and we will try our very best to comply.

8 years anniversary platter 

Celebrating baby baptism in church 


sesame street

hello kitty 

lady's outfit and handbag

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