Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time flies, is going to be Christmas again ....

When is time towards the year end again, we all wonder, where has all the times gone : - )
Our Christmas started earlier this year , for Christmas's order i mean.  i even have customer started to ask about Christmas Cookies since March. 
through our experiences for the past 2 years, to customize and personalize the festival cookies with special request and odd quantity made our life a little miserable. try to picture the scenarios like these : 

customer : i like the snowman hat to be pink
customer : i want 3 pcs of snowman , 2 pcs of santa and gingerbread girl with ribbon..... 
customer:  can you write my daughter's name on the snowman cookies ?
towards the end of the day, me and mom have to go through every single order and get it sorted one by one , and you are not allowed to make mistakes, otherwise you are going to get feed back like : i thought i told you that i want the scarf to be red but not green. ok, thats it, and thats the reason i decided to come out with some standard packages this year. 
so now, check out what we got 'In Store'

Package 1 (RM 60)

white cake box with handle containing of 10pcs christmas theme cookies
for details and pricing , check it out at our Facebook Page  :

 Merry Christmas 2012

Package 2 (RM 125)

2 in 1 printed hard board gift box containing of 16pcs cookies 

Package 3 (RM 160)

3in1 round cookies tin containing of 16pcs sugar cookies and 4 pcs of ginger bread.

and not forgetting about our designs for this year : - 
Christmas wreath 

round shape cookies with snowflake cut-out
fruit flavor candy insert 


Santa Claus

Santa Claus face

Teddy bears



Christmas tree

gingerbread boy and girl with stocking 

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