Thursday, November 22, 2012

erhemmm.. i m back :-P

i call myself a festival blogger, or may be not, only in certain festivals.And as you can find that , only photo of my latest creation is keeping the blog alive.  In Conclusion, i m really a lousy blogger. sooner or later people might think that this is an abandon blog of someone ..LOL

I really admire those who keep their blog up to date all the time. Some was even amazing with income made through blogging.
Now back to mine. A little update on what i have been doing after my last blog about Hari Raya.
Been doing quite a numbers of platter lately. i guess those has now become one of the significant work among all. i have to admit that i do feel proud of myself and having kinda job satisfaction when i managed to get some new ideas proposed and appreciated by customers. Compliments from satisfied customer always made my day.

here are some of the platters i made recently: -

Oggy and the Cockroches

little pony 

Madagascar circus

Lovebirds and bird house platter for wedding gift

Angry birds

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